Atala E-Scooter

Atala expands its product portfolio .. E-Scooter Moopy arrives!

Electric scooter ideal for moving freely and safely in urban centers.

Foldable with 8.5 "wheels with inner tube or solid - disc brake. 250 W Brushless motor; it is a much longer-lived, fresher and more efficient motor than previous electric motors. This happens thanks to the elimination of brushes, which dispersed much more energy, transforming it into heat.

Possibility to enter the mode for pedestrian areas: by pressing the appropriate button, the maximum speed of Atala Moopy will be reduced to 6 km / h. Therefore it is possible to travel in complete safety even among pedestrians.

There are essentially two models of E-Scooter Moopy, they differ in:

  • maximum reachable speed 20 - 25 km / h;
  • wheels with inner tube or solid (ST).

Moopy 6-20 Kmh

Moopy 6-25 Kmh

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