Atala Bike Collection 2021

Buying and owning an Atala bicycle means choosing a product that comes from an ITALIAN company of EXCELLENCE, which has its deep roots, in Italy the country cradle of cycling that still today has a primary role in the European Industry.
It means relying on one of the most solid realities with over a century of history and also offers innovation; it's able to meet the needs of all the people who want to ride a bike.


Parabolics, jumps, drifting, for the most wild children, always respecting safety. Have fun riding an Atala BMX! Sliding and drifting have never been so simple: the more you pedal, the more you”snake”!


Speed, lightness and reactivity. Atala MTB frames are designed to ensure maximum power transmission, providing stability and driving precision. Woods and high peaks are the ideal places to spend whole days to enjoy the view or chase one’s own thoughts. Ease of driving, safety, comfort and reliability are distinctive features of this segment


More and more we move around the city by bike, leaving the car at home. In this way you earn health and save time and money. Arriving at the office, having already done physical activity will stimulate work efficiency and help make decisions with greater confidence. With the new Atala bicycle collection, you will certainly not go unnoticed.


Approaching children to ride a bicycle is a good choice because it represents a good health investment for their future. It is a very useful activity for the growth of the child, because it helps him to gain confidence in himself, it stimulates autonomy and increases his sense of responsibility, often putting him in front of the need to make decisions and solve small problems. Atala makes bicycles with wheels from 12 “up to 24” for each age, to each his own!


Riding an Atala bicycle is the ideal way to appreciate the landscapes that surround you, to savor the delights of the destination you reach, to have fun, to be in contact with nature. The increasingly popular cycling tourism combines the two wheels to discover new places and traditional food so that the trip by bike can give back a sensory experience.


Safely, comfortable, light and easy to handle. Versatile models suitable for the city and for daily trips to keep you fit, to stimulate your imagination, to live new experiences that remain engraved in our memories.

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