Atala E-bike Collection 2024

Atala has devoted itself to in-depht studies of the eBike world since 2008, developing the integration between electrical kit, high level components and design with a common goal: satisfy all users needs.
For 2021 season, Atala proposes a more complete range from Full Suspended Carbon to Trekking.

As for the electrical components, Atala makes use of the partnership with the best world producer of electrical kits: Bosch. The eBike stimulates the propensity to move and is one of the most sustainable and healthy means of transport of our times. Bosch offers innovative systems, Intelligent System, the new generation of Bosch eBike System systems, is always connected and regularly updated... new motors, even more efficient batteries - no less than 750 Wh - modern displays and control units, as well as the new eBike app Flow, guarantee a unique experience driving your eMTB!

Daring is therefore the key word for Atala: proposing innovations, breaking the mold, respecting the strong tradition that distinguishes us.

E-MTB Full Carbon

E-MTB HardTail


E-MTB Full Alu



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