Atala E-bike Collection 2021

Atala has devoted itself to in-depht studies of the eBike world since 2008, developing the integration between electrical kit, high level components and design with a common goal: satisfy all users needs.
For 2021 season, Atala proposes a more complete range from Full Suspended Carbon to Urban; introducing a new model.. the Dual Battery.

The new Speed ​​Urban are pedal assisted bicycles from the trekking family; fast and resistant to travel on and off-road. The high adaptability, versatility and sturdiness make it perfect for any terrain and surface. With the introduction of the dual battery, it is unbeatable both for autonomy and for uphill and downhill performance. Bosch electric assistance helps you conquer any path.
As for the electrical components, Atala avails itself of the partnership with the best world producer of electrical kits: Bosch. Furthermore, since 2017, Atala's Research and Development department, in collaboration with the main kit supplier leaders, has developed two mid-engined kits, AM 80 and AM 80 Agile and EcoLogic, the hub motor range.
Daring is therefore the key word for Atala: proposing innovations, breaking the mold, respecting the strong tradition that distinguishes us.

E-MTB Full Carbon

E-MTB HardTail


E-MTB Full Alu


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